Daisi Jo Reviews' Holiday Gift Guide 2015

In the spirit of the holiday, I put together our first Holiday Gift Guide at it's so awesome! As you know, Etsy has something for everyone and below is my curation of the Best Gifts on Etsy for 2015.

Happy Shopping!

Geometric Concrete Copper Decor Paperweights

Succulent Gift Box 

Blessing Band / Mantra Bangle 

]Coco Chanel Fashion Pillow

Handmade Ceramic Female Head Vase

Nightstand Organizer for Him

Industrial Table Desk Lamp

DIY Microgreens Seed Kit Indoor Garden

Vintage Brass Antelope Bookends

Wood Desk Organizer

Crazy Beautiful Eye Cream by Andre Lorent

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, however all opinions are my own.

Andre Lorent sent me a a jar of their eye cream that boosts many benefits and is packed with some interesting ingredients. The most surprising to me was the Crazy Beautiful contains resveratrol which is found in the skin of red grape, peanuts and berries commonly included in weight loss products.  

Crazy Beautiful has a deliberate smell of being unscented. There is actually a scent for making a product smell like nothing  and Crazy Beautiful definitely has that (whatever it is). It’s definitely not naturally unscented. It also has an off white coloring…almost a very pale pinkish tone. So the off color versus the white color in the ads can be off putting because you are expecting to open the jar and see a white smooth cream. Instead it looks homemade which is a plus on the ‘organic’ concept but not after you read the ingredients. Just to be clear, this product is definitely NOT Organic!

It also has the anti aging ingredient, Sepilift which is probably what most people a feeling when they say that the skin around the eyes gets really tight. Sepilifit gives the appearance of tightness and has been toted for its cellulite enhancements. Some of the ‘good’ ingredients are shea butter, aloe vera and jojoba oil. Overall, I’m not crazy about Crazy Beautiful but I’ve kept in my beauty kit for those just in case moments.

Knit + Heandband = A Simple Hair Accessory Trend For Fall/Winter 2015-16 | #KnitHeadband

Here is a super simple timeless hair accessory that can carry you through the Fall and keep you warm at the same time. Headbands have evolved throughout the decades from something that was absolutely a functional necessity to a stye must have for all seasons. 

This Fall knit headband/earwarmers are all over Instagram in vibrant colors, designs, textures and thickness. Here is a one of my favorites I picked up on Amazon

Thin Tea 28 Day Detox & Fat Burner | What Is It? How Does It Work? and Review

Hey Guys,

So everyone wants to know if these Thin Tea Weight Loss Detox potions really work or are they just overly retouched before and after photos on Instagram. Well guys, I’ve tried it and I’m going to give you my results.

FREE Eating Plan:

So honestly, I didn’t need to loose much or any weight really but I do like to ‘detox’ occasionally to feel lighter and to eliminate any blotting. I continued to take Thin Tea after I produced this video. I find that it’s not something that I naturally am drawn to drinking. I honestly would rather continue to drink my ACV with warm water or my hot water lemon and honey which I switch off every few days depending on how I feel.

However, I think Thin Tea’s 28 day detox is great for people in general who are trying to loose weight and eliminate excess waste. I also like that Thin Tea has an amazingly beautiful app as well as a FREE downloadable eating plan that isn’t too intimidating. Most of the ingredients are very accessible and can be found at your local grocery store.  You will need ingredients like Spirulina and lucuma powder which you may need to order on Amazon if you don’t have a good nutritional or organic store in your area. 

I know you guys are waiting for the big question! Did I loose weight from Thin Tea? Well, I definitely lost excess water!. As I mentioned earlier, I didn’t need to loose weight but the tea maybe expel a lot of fluid. I think it also helped make my skin clearer which usually goes along with a detoxing. 

If you are looking to tighten up without the workout or at least get rid of some excess blotting, then I would recommend Thin Tea. You can easily finish a cycle whether it is 28 days or their shorter 14 day program, take a break and then go back on the program if you need to. 

I do highly recommend that you consult a doctor before you start any diet program. I also suggest that anyone who is interested in loosing weight start an exercise program.


Anti-Cellulite Massager Kit by Lifestyle Plus | Amazon True Review

Disclosure: I was sent this product in exchange for an honest review. My opinions are my own.


I was sent this body massager that claims to help reduce the appearance of cellulite by using it to massage the thigh area. I included all of my opinions in the following video! 

See you guys tomorrow!