Guest Post: Structured Lightweight Purse Organizer Insert by CloverSac

Everyone who owns a handbag probably know what a purse organizer insert is. If you do not already know what a purse organizer insert is, it basically a small bag that you put inside your much larger bag to keep your things organize inside. Purse Organizer Insert or some just calls it bag organizer comes in different prices, sizes and design.  Purse organizer inserts by CloverSac is a popular choice when it comes to getting popular designer handbags models such as Louis Vuitton Speedy, Hermes Birkin, Celine and LongChamp Le Pliage organized.

One the main reason why CloverSac’s purse organizer is so popular is because of its overall structure. CloverSac design its purse organizer to be structured with the ability to stand upright. The following pictures show what a CloverSac’s purse organizer looks like when it is inserted into Louis Vuitton Neverfull. With CloverSac’s structured design, it makes it easy to reach for your belongings when it is inside your handbag. 

Another positive note on the purse organizer by CloverSac is its flexibility to have the centre pocket compartment removed when you needed more spaces. The plastic cards at both sides and the bottom can also be inserted or removed to turn the purse organizer from structured to unstructured.

CloverSac is also one of the only purse organizer insert manufacturer that passed the color fastness test conducted by Bureau Veritas with a score of 5 out 5. This is to certify that the color dye on its purse organizer insert color will not transfer onto the interior of your handbags. 

CloverSac purse organizers are available in two sizes, Emma 28 which is 11”L x 6”H x 5”W (28 cm x 15 cm x 11.5 cm) and Emma 22 which is 9”L x 6”H x 4.5”W (22 cm x 15 cm x 13 cm). Depending whether you are fitting this purse organizer into a large or small bags, it has the right fit for you. Other than purse organizer inserts, Clover Sac also designed and manufactured other bag accessories such as base shaper, dust bag, handbag rain cover and bag pillow shaper. 

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Triple Blend Conditioner for Your Man’s Beard Hair | Bronson Beard Oil

This is for all of those unruly beards out there! I can only imagine how difficult it is for a guy to  grow and maintaining a beard. Typically there isn’t much to it right? Well, maybe the growing part is easy if you’ve got good hair growing genes but making it look good? That’s a completely different story!

I honestly had never heard of beard oil until a few weeks ago when Bronson Naturals sent me their top selling beard oil from Amazon. So, I googled away and found the intensity of all of the i man blogs and beard experts out there talking about beard conditioner and how to care for your beard pretty impressive.  Cheers to the man-movement. Unlike most beard oil, Bronson Natural’s Triple Blend Beard Oil is all  natural with only three ingredients: jojoba oil, argan oil and almond oil. I found the texture to be more like that of jojoba oil so I used it in my hair! I also asked a few of my lab men for their feedback. It works great on all beard types - long and short, prevents against breakage and gives it that shiny, strong and healthy look.

I talk more about what make Bronson Naturals Beard Oil great in my video post. Check it out!  

Top Selling Organic Golden Jojoba Oil for Healthier Skin, Hair and Nails on Amazon

I wasnt really giving any time to Jojoba Oil until it literally showed up at my door! #seriously

Ive been sticking to tea tree oil, olive oil and coconut oil but I discovered something quite impressive with Jojoba Oil that I didnt know which is that it is very softening. Ive been taking a dropper of oil and applying it to my ends in the mornings and it has made such a nice difference. 

So as with anything new you discover; Ive been over indulging in it - applying it to my nails beds, and skin as a second moisturizer. Ill probably end up being the most moisturized women this side of the Mississippi. Laugh now but wait until you use Jojoba Oil for the first time. It is a great natural conditioner, face moisturizer, it combats acne, split-ends and even helps your hair grow faster. Now I know your happy!

Deluxe Botanicals sent me their organic golden jojoba oil that is a multi-purpose, all-in-one moisturizer and conditioner. Some jojoba oil brands are targeted toward one particular purpose over other because they are mixed with other oils and essence but Deluxe Botanicals is 100% Pure. Ill give you the full lowdown in my video, check it out!

The Perfect Solution for Dry, Hard, Callused Feet | Treat My Feet Exfoliating Foot Mask Scrub Peel

I’m a sucker for foot scrubs, lotions, creams - the more moisture, the better because I hate when my feet feel dry and yucky! Treat My Feet Exfoliating Foot Mask Scrub Peel will leave your feet soft and smooth. Each box comes with a pair of moisturizing socks that work pretty quick and easy by just slipping on the sock and sitting back and relaxing. I did take a walk around the apartment in them and you can easily move around if you can’t sit still for a few minutes like me! It’s 100% safe to use and no crazy horse chemicals like they use in the salons.

Treat My Feet sent me their solution for getting perfect and pretty feet to tryout and share with you. They also included a pretty cool bonus for a few of my readers! Yay!! I’ll tell you all about that in my video below.

So, you want to know how to enter the contest to win a foot mask scrub peel from Treat My Feet? Just find the #treatmyfeet tag on  my Instagram @daisijoreviews and comment with your favorite pedicure nail color and I’ll send you a pack of Treat My Feet! 

Treat My Feet Foot Mask

Treat My Feet Foot Mask with Socks

Dry Out Blackheads, Shrink Pores and Get a Radiant Youthful Glow with Hello Cutie Mud Mask!

Hello Cutie!

The name was SOOOO adorable that i had to try it! While I was shopping around Amazon for new products to test and make videos about, I found Hello Cutie Mud Mask by Glam Essence. I have to give you guys the disclaimer though that this mud mask is hella strong! I mean it reminds me of this mud mask my high school BFF’s mom used to use and we would put it on to feel all grown up or something. It was some crazy mask from the dead sea.

Anywho, please don’t laugh at my candids of me trying on the mask. I honestly could not move my face once I put on the mask. Remember how your mom told you not to smile when you have a mask on or it could stretch your face? Yes, I still believe that! It’s so ingrained in me by now.

Hello Cutie has some serious ingredients in it and it feels just as serious once you put it on. After you wash it off your pores are noticeably smaller. My boyfriend even noticed and thought I had makeup on even though I didn’t have a stitch of foundation, powder or anything!

So beauties, watch my video review so you can see the product up close. It is truly amazing! 

Hello Cutie Mud Mask when it is Wet

Hello Cutie Mud Mask when it is Dry

After Hello Cutie Mud Mask

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