Beauty Review: Delish Hair & Body Souffle

This one is for women that want natural product not only for their hair but for their skin too! Delish Hair and Body Soufflés feature drink inspired scents such as Mojito, Pink Panties, Margarita and Lemon Drop. The company sent me their Margarita version. I love that it comes in a HUGE jar! That is a a big plus for me because if I am going to use this n my hair, I definitely need a lot of it - for sure! Delish is a fun product because it is more than just practical - it’s less serious than most  “all natural” products that tend to keep the conversation about the brand more on the serious side but Delish has fun with their scents by giving them cute names and going beyond the norm of “jasmine” and other earthy fragrances. I also like that the the product serves a dual function because it can be used on the body and hair without any modifications. To be honest, I usually use the same oil I use on my hair on my body as well but I think that is one of the big perks of going natural. It is also a huge savings considering that one jar is only $14.00. The Souffles contain shea nitolica, mango butter, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, pro-vitamin B5 but contain no parabens, mineral oil, petroleum, or animal products. Do you want to see how Delish worked in my hair? Check out my on-camera review of Delish Hair & Body Souffle!

Hair Product Review: Luxquisite Hair Salon Leave-In Conditioner

You guys know I have crazy unruly curly frizzy hair, which means it dries out and is susceptible to breaking off rather easily. I have to moisturize, moisturize and moisturize some more! I’m always looking for new products for my hair, especially those that have natural ingredients!  That said, I stumbled upon Luxquisite’s Leave-In Conditioner a few weeks ago when they asked me to do a review on them for my blog. After reading other bloggers reviews and experiences with the product, I figured it was worth giving the product a try.  It’s not a widely known product yet but I think it’s got potential to be one of those hidden gems. There are several things I like about Luxquisite’s conditioner: it smells great because of the aloe vera and green tea, doesnt leave a filmy residue and leaves a nice shine to your hair without making it feel greasy. There is a lot more Ive got to say about the product in my video review of Luxquisite's Leave-In Conditioner. Watch my full review where I share with you everything I like about the product and demonstrate how to use it!

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Body Review: Heavenly Bottoms Debut!!

Heavenly Bottoms

Hey Ladies,

I discovered a great new beauty product for your booty! Yes, your booty! 
Heavenly Bottoms sent me a box of their new product, “The Little Details” Cleansing Wipettes. Let me just say that they are really awesome! So, I’m sure many of you use those baby wipes for the “extra clean” touch that probably leaves you  feeling a little like you should be in diapers than sexy lingerie, right? Heavenly Bottoms is made for women, not little girls that want to smell like baby powder! The wipes are super soft and have a scent that is refreshing without over powering whatever other fragrance you have on. What else I loved about Heavenly Bottoms is that they come individually wrapped so you don’t have to carry around a bulky pack of 10 in your purse. They fit discreetly in your pocket, purselet or clutch and can easily be discarded since they are flushable and biodegrabable. See for yourself in my video review where I give you a full demo of the product - minus my little details, of course! 

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Fitness Review: Styles II Fitness Resistance Tubes Product Demo

Hey Guys!

As promised! Here’s the demo workout video of me using the Styles II Fitness Resistance Tubes!
In this video, I use the medium blue tube to do  basic exercises that anyone can do in the comfort of their own home. The exercises are listed below:

1.) Bicep Curls
2.) Chest presses
3.) Lateral shoulder raises
4.) Trap Exercise 

5.) Rotator Cuff Rotations

Fitness Review: Styles II Fitness Resistance Tubes

Resistance Bands arent new but they are making a comeback as more people look for more portable workout routines that can also provide a challenge. Style II Fitness sent me this bundle of resistance tubes in a variety of intensities to try and do a demo video. The package came in a set of 5 tubes ranging from  levels of 5 to 115 lbs - 5 Bands (Yellow Blue Red Green & Black).

During my tutorial I stuck to a the blue tube to get me through my workout and I used the padded handles.
The kit also comes with an upgraded padded ankle strap & door handle. All tube bands are 48" in length so you do have to worry about the bands not being long enough or strong enough.I have yet to try it but these bands are also great paired with routines such as CrossFit P90. I personally use the bands for exercising at home by incorporating them into my pilates and yoga practice.