Homejoy Says Goodbye! How to Keep or Replace Your Homejoy Cleaning Professional 


Hi Everyone!

I just posted a comparison post between using Homejoy and Handy a few weeks ago and now Homejoy is closing their doors for good. I knew of Homejoy’s legal troubles with hiring cleaning professionals in the on-demand economy. Among tech based service companies, lawsuits based on labor issues has plagued the entire industry. Unfortunately Homejoy has been a very high profile casualty as we all (service providers, businesses and government) figure out how to make this inevitably emerging industry work for everyone. 

Homejoy announced a few days ago that they will officially be closing their doors on July 31st and on August 1rst you will no longer be able to access your Homejoy accounts. Homejoy issued a FAQ blog post along with their announcement answering basic questions surrounding their closure. I have provided a link to that here,

I won’t be redundant in reiterating what they have already posted but I will mention that Homejoy is trying to do all they can to help customers keep their relationships with their cleaning professionals, many of which may move over to other platforms such as Handy and Google (when they get their home services marketplace up). 

So, you may now need to replace your cleaning services. If you are still interested in using on-demand services, than I would recommend as the next option to Homejoy. I’ve kept both apps on my phone and which I switch off depending on my needs. The added bonus of Handy is that they cover a broader range of home services such as repairs, plumbing, electrical and fun things like painting - not art work but real painting, like walls and stuff! They are a bit pricier than Homejoy but I’ve got a super offer for you if you want to try it out for the first time. Handy will give you $50 OFF your 1rst service if you use this link, With this discount, I only paid $4 for my 1rst service! So, it is pretty much like getting your first service for FREE! I hope this helps take some of the disappointment anyway from Homejoy closing. Hopefully you get to keep your cleaning professional and you have a great new experience with Handy!

Chunky Two-Toned Look with Clip In Hair Extensions By Krush Kollection

Although I’ve always had long and healthy hair, I couldn’t help but have a little FOMO of all the other bloggers chatting about their luxurious clip in hair extensions. They were all so beautiful and I had yet to try a set. Lucky for me,  last week Krush Kollection reached out to me to try out their selection of clip in hair extensions and of course, I absolutely said yes because now I had a reason to chime in on the conversation. 

Krush Kollection is an e-commerce site that specializes in providing the best brazilian hair extensions at reasonable prices but they are going a step beyond simply supplying you with hair to becoming a destination site for sharing costumer feedback, building a community and sharing Krushable  photos of the styles you create with their hair. The Krush Kollection site  features video from their users providing style-spiration and how -to videos. They only source 100% virgin, full cuticle hair. All of their extensions are washable, dyeable and long lasting.

So when Krush Kollection sent me a bundle of brazilian virgin hair  and I decided that I was going to take a stab at dyeing the hair to match my honey blonde hair color, doing a shoot at the beach and then washing the hair. Ha, Did I mention I was an extension first-timer? Yup! You can imagine how this went. I had two problems which we completely my own error. First I used the hair color I typically use on my own hair (Dark & Lovely Honey Blonde 378). I think I needed to go with a more professional coloring process. Secondly, I could’t texturize the hair to match my curly texture to create the optional look I was going for. In my video, you can see my humble and hilarious journey in attempting to color my extensions. 

Krush Kollection Clip In Extension - Wavy 20" -22"
Although they did lighten a little, they didn’t get to the blonde color to match my hair. So I ended up doing a chunky two-toned look with the brunette and my semi-natural blonde. I also just decided to straighten my hair to match the extension’s texture to make big curls. Call it a ‘Happy Accident' I’m really pleased with the outcome and I’m super happy with the extensions from Krush Kollection.  

Perky-DO: The Easiest Way To Give Your Ponytail A Lift!

Hey Gems!

Everyone loves the look of a #high ponytail, but for most of us our strands tend to just fall flat! Luckily, I was recently introduced to a new hair accessory called Perky-DO that is super easy to use and is guaranteed to give your ponytail a lift. I discovered the Perky-Do when I was asked to be the model in a demonstration video for the hair accessory. After seeing how it worked, I truly fell in LOVE with it.

Perky-Do Sporty and Galmour Units
The Perky-DO comes in two sizes, Sporty and Glamour. On the shoot I gave the ‘Glamour’ sized Perky-DO my own name and called it the ‘Diva’ (Ha, go figure) because it kind of seemed appropriate considering what it does for your hair.  In my video, I do a full review and show you how the Perky-Do should be used, so make sure to check it out right below. 

In this demo video I show how to turn your perky ponytail into a simple poofy bun.

A couple if things I didn’t mention in my video are the price and the durability of the Perky-Do. The two sizes are sold  separately and as a deluxe set. The sporty Perky-Do is $7.95 and the Glamour is $14.95. The Perk-DO Sporty is about 1.5”, maybe the size of a ping pong ball and slightly smaller than a  golf ball. The Glamour Perky-DO is about 2.5” which numbers wise may not seem much larger than the small but definitely has a big impact of the look of the ponytail - which I think is what gives it that ‘I Dream of Jeannie’ effect!  I find the Glamour size is also better for dramatic updo’s like with an evening gown because it will give a much fuller looking bun in place of a tight top knot (which tends to look more sporty). As for the durability, you can count on this thing not breaking. The round shape of it really promises a solid design. Honestly, when I was practicing how to put it in my hair, I dropped it a few times and it didn’t crack. So, I’m confident in telling you that you won’t need to replace them but you will be buying extras to keep in your travel bag!

Also, the Perky-Do website is full of styling tips on the almost endless varieties of updos you can make with it. If you sign up for their newsletter you can get a 20% discount!    

Natalia Pereira's WoodSpoon| Authentic. Beautiful. Warm| DTLA's Brazilian Kitchen

Macaroni & Cheese with sausage and fried egg
I can’t believe I’ve never posted about WoodSpoon. WoodSpoon is this beautiful Brazilian boutique style restaurant in the fashion district of Downtown Los Angeles. First let me tell you, if the boyfriend wanted to eat here every night, I would have no objection and that's a mouthful coming from me. 

Swimwear Under $10: Affordable Bikini’s at H&M

If you saw my post yesterday than you will definitely recognize this bikini. I featured it in my post about the 'Greatest Hoodie Ever Made’, by American Giant. I love this bikini so much that I felt it deserved a  pot all to itself! H&M is known for fetching some great deals but did you know they could be $5 good! I picked up this two pieces a few weeks ago just wanting a different swimsuit look to lounge around in for semi-lazy days. For 5 bucks who cares if it falls apart in a week. 

Speaking of which, let me tell you how this bikini fits and holds up. So, its pretty comfortable but the top does run small. I’m not a busty girl but I don’t have bee stings for breast therefore I would definitely recommend getting the top in a size larger. I wear a small, typically between a 2 and a 4. I purchased this top in a size 8! That’s how SMALL it runs. While I was in the store, I thought these were all discounted because they were made in error so they put them on discount to move them out of the store but I was wrong. Yes, H&M is really selling these mismatched sized separates. The bottoms fit great. I bought them in a Size 4 and they are great. No squeezing or pinching. 

I love the gold ring accents and the top does have removable strings but the elastic that suctions to your chest is pretty weak so I wouldn’t recommend using the top without the string. Overall, this is still a good buy considering that the entire bikini is under $10.  It’s an easy solution to that last minute ‘screw this’ moment when you decide to take off to the beach instead of going to work but your already in the car stuck on the 405! #justsaying

H&M Swimwear Separates
Bottom - $4.95 (size 4)

top $4.95 (size 8) *removable bandeau straps